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Community Forge provides web sites for Solidarity Economy communities.

Each web site comes with a payment system which allows members to log and add up the debts between them. There are also other tools for a local community group to thrive in an online space

This 'mutual credit' is the same mechanism behind LETS, Tauschringen, and Timebank

Traditionally money is issued and manipulated by the dominant institutions of our society, which are presently states and banking corporations. But this era is coming to a close and we have a chance to build a new a more just economy - an economy from below. Governing institutions have always sought to control their constituents through manipulating money. These institutions are growing larger and less concerned with individuals. But communities have the opportunity to make their own money and with it, to determine their own values and destinies.

Following systemic abuse and failure by corporations to manage the financial system, Community Forge is not-for-profit